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Sometimes you only need an instant to watch two people interact to understand that their connection is incredible. Nicki and Andrew had that- and we could see it from the moment they arrived. The two of them could not stop looking at each other, laughing, touching, agreeing on everything, and trusting one another completely. It was awesome. Andrew and Nicki met online a few years ago and Andrew has since become a partner to Nicki and a father to Nicki’s son, Ethan. The three of them made a remarkable team and I’ve got no doubt that their marriage will only make them more solid.

The couple got married on September 21st, the official first day of fall and it was really the first weekend that felt like fall; something in the air had changed, the sky looked different, the trees were turning. What an incredible time to get married, in the moments between Summer and Autumn, when after months of care free fun in the sun, late nights, and non-stop activity one begins to look forward to the quiet, crisp, and nurturing time of the year,  looks forward to spending cozy nights with loved ones, and is no longer interested in missing out out on anything. This seasonal transition seems much like the transition into marriage, and I can guarantee that Nicki, Andrew, and Ethan are having a lovely fall.

The theme of Nicki and Andrew’s wedding was trees, with a fantastic birch bark cake, and tables identified by different regional species. The couple took a lot of photos among the trees, with their bridal party clad in cowboy boots and holding adorable yellow bouquets. The ceremony was very sweet, with a memorable “knot-tying” ritual where Nicki tied a special knot in Andrew’s tie. The cocktail hour and reception were wonderfully celebratory and personal. After the parent dances, Andrew got out his guitar and sang a song with his bride to their son, Ethan. This was a huge crowd pleaser and the two of them sounded really great together, which was hardly a surprise to anyone. The couple then did their cut into their Birch cake and guests helped themselves to s’mores on the deck for dessert. It really was a perfect fall wedding, we loved having Nicki and Andrew and their family and friends here at The Farm.



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