Eden + Duncan’s trans-Atlantic Union

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New England and Old England came together last weekend, August 31 for the wedding of Eden and Duncan.  The couple met a few years ago at the wedding of their mutual friends, Duncan had been a groomsman  in that wedding and he and Eden flirted, danced, drank gin and tonics and the rest was history.  The wedding where they met was also held in a New England Barn and was between another British man who had been taken by an American woman. That’s just the beginning of the beautiful repetitive nature prevalent in Eden and Duncan’s relationship and wedding. The couple was married in front of a crowd of about 80 close friends and family members, mostly from the UK and California and the group meshed beautifully. Perhaps the fact that Eden and Duncan met at a wedding themselves kept everyone open to the possibilities that can come from a gathering as intimate as this.

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Photos by Mikhail Glabets

Eden and Duncan were married in the field on an overcast, Old England-like day. It drizzled all afternoon and let up just in time for the wedding ceremony to take place under a deep, cloudy sky.  It seemed as though the universe had been preparing for and truly nurturing these two coming together. Leslie, Eden’s father directed the ceremony flawlessly. He was an excellent choice for an Officiant, partly because of his calm nature, his spiritual presence and his clear, gentile voice, but also because he had married Eden’s mother under such similar circumstances, it was nothing less than fateful that he be up there with them. You see, this wedding was partly a celebration of the couple’s love but was also the formation of a new family; Duncan, Eden and Eden’s delightful daughter, 7-year-old Isabella. Bella also played a large role in the ceremony, jumping into Duncan’s arms to receive a gift from her parents. What is so amazing is that Leslie married Eden’s mother when Eden was the same age as Bella, and Eden jumped into her new father’s arms and was given a gift in that ceremony over 30 years ago.

It was pure magic watching this all unfold in front of us, the balance and repetition of the event inspired each and every person in attendance. It was truly a union to celebrate- and the celebration was a whole lot of fun. The reception was quite memorable , with the classic decor that Eden put together, including mis-matched antique china and vintage hardcover books stacked in the center of tables and stenciled with table numbers. After dinner, black English tea was served in intricate tea cups, and as a matter of fact, I haven’t stopped drinking black English tea since this group left Bishop Farm. Eden and Duncan’s union was powerful and left a lasting impression,  we were thrilled to have been a part of it.


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