Cats in the Bag

October 25, 2014 Wedding Blogs No Comments
Rachael and Ian’s wedding at Bishop Farm,
Now here’s a story that comes along once in a blue moon.  Imagine, you are 16, you fall in love and feel like it will last forever…..yeah right.  How often does that pan out?  Well, we here at the Bishop Farm love launch pad were honored to assist in the lift off of that very fairytale.  Picture this, if you would so kindly, (stretch your imagination), the groom Ian, was married in red Birkenstocks, the bride Rachael,  wore bright royal blue shoes decorated by her artistic self in a gorgeous almond colored wedding dress with beautiful blond curly locks which she colored back from red to honor her dads wish.  Talk about hip with a crowd.  Let’s make a toast to our first sighting of Google Glass on the brides brother.  This was an all around tech savy crowd with a very high  IQ who’s bandwidth was in the fun range.  Everyone was represented in the rustic barn – from Paleontologists to food truck management to mike blowing MC.
They were married by a board game designer/ordained internet minister named Brian who’s lunch table was the actual spot where Ian and Rachael met back in the day.  Brian was fully qualified to tie this knot and bless this holy 20 minute less than superstitious union.  Gotta love the fact that people are doing whatever the hell they want now with their vows because whats not to love about readings from Plato, Hemingway and Phillip Pullman?   There vows were the perfect length and the brides bouquet was crafted out of pages from a few of their favorite books over the last 9 years of their relationship.
They fit right in to the New England farm scene here and the weather just happened to clear for the 2 hours needed to set up an outdoor ceremony.  Their unique sense of style blended in with the surroundings  quite nicely.  And as a bonus luck would have it that a stray cat (now named Bishop) showed up the night before they got here and was whispered out of it’s hiding spot by the grooms dad Larry.  They bought a cat carrier, Larry bated it with some badly needed food and voila, cat was in the bag.  Bishop is now part of that new family and won’t miss our White mountains Rustic Barn.  Hopefully, he’ll have some brothers and sisters soon.


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