Dave and Michelle’s Unplugged Wedding

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Michelle and Dave opted to have an “unplugged ceremony.” Being a relatively new and modern term, it means checking your camera and phone at the door with the goal of obtaining complete mind body presence. At first glance, that may sound like complete lunacy. Constant filming and documentation of every aspect of our lives has become engraved into our culture, and the thought of rubbing against that norm sparks fear in the hearts of most of Generation X. But in actuality, Michelle and Dave’s ceremony created a uniquely calm atmosphere fitting of the mythology here at Bishop Farm.



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Dave’s face brimmed with love as he looked deeply into the eyes of his new bride and as they left the alter, a trail of bubbles followed symbolizing hopes of fertility and wealth for the new couple. The guests marveled as Dave and Michelle took their first steps as man and wife. The two seemed to fit together so effortlessly which begged the question of how they first met.



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The story is a familiar one. They were each out with friends one night, and Dave prompted Michelle for a date. At first, she refused to give him her number thinking he’d never actually call. As the night progressed and Dave amped up the charm, she finally gave in. He called fairly soon after their encounter and left a voicemail. Nervous and obviously swooning, he decided it was necessary to spell his first and last name out on the machine. His endearing voicemail must have done the trick because not only did she go out with him, she married him. All of you single gentlemen out there, take note.



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Congratulations Dave and Michelle. You did it. Thank you for letting us here at Bishop Farm be apart of your wedding.

Written by Hannah Cieri


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