An Unforgettable Weekend with Cat and Dave

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Solid parents make solid children, solid children make solid friends and solid friends marry and make solid partners.

This is how I tried to sum up the magic that we all felt at Cat and Dave’s wedding while reflecting with the Salters. Families on both the bride and groom’s side were so 2013-08-29_0052incredibly solid in their love for one another and appreciative of the quality time they were all spending with eachother.  Cat and Dave’s friends behaved like family, and although it seemed to us at The Farm that the entire group was thick as thieves when they arrived, I think the weekend made them closer.  I knew I was going to get attached to these people at their rehearsal dinner, catered by MacDaddy’s (so delicious!). As the sun started to set, immediate family and the wedding party viewed a wonderful video that Dave made as a surprise for his bride-to-be. The video consisted of home movies from his own childhood and Cat’s- proof that they really haven’t changed much and were perhaps destined to be together.  There were more current videos as well, memories they made together that highlighted Cat’s magnetism, silliness, and bold nature and Dave’s focused, genuine, adoration for his girl.  This video and the incredible speeches Dave and Cat made to their bridesmaids, groomsmen and their parents  had everyone on an emotional high. From that night Annie, Heather, Maggie, Dan, and I knew we had a special group and were excited to take care of them and give them the wedding weekend they deserved.2013-08-29_0017

2013-08-29_0046It was truly wonderful to watch Cat and Dave’s families interact.  Cat and Dave have been dating for just under a decade so their families have had some time to get to know each other. Their mothers especially seemed like they’d known each other forever, Dave’s sister, Stacy and Cat’s brother, Jon only added to their explosive dynamic.  It’s just one of the reasons to celebrate a marriage- the combining of two families, at once very separate from each other and now, through a series of precise circumstances and a summer study abroad trip to England, Cat and Dave’s family are united. I feel so fortunate to have seen some of the first few of the surplus of memories these families will share through their lives together.C+D for wordpress

Cat and Dave’s ceremony was warm, friendly, and down to earth. Cat’s family friend’s, Jed and Carol married them in the field under a handmade Huppah (a Jewish alter that symbolizes the newlywed’s home together) with a perfect mix of tradition and personal touches.  I thought it was such a neat twist to the traditional wedding to have a happily married couple conduct the ceremony together, and they did a fabulous job. Jed and Carol were obviously close to the group (how could they not be!?) and stayed  on the dance floor until the end of the night celebrating the love that filled the barn.  Everything about Cat and Dave’s wedding was memorable. Quality relationships clearly mean a lot to these guys.  Thank you to Cat and Dave for choosing Bishop Farm, for feeling so comfortable here, and for treating us like family. We will not forget it.

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