Kayla & Sean Hall, Owners / Wedding & Event Planners

Sean and Kayla Hall moved to New Hampshire from The Woodlands, Texas to make all of their dreams come true!  Once they visited Bishop Farm, they knew this was the location to make this happen. Together they have over 40 years of business and service industry experience.  Kayla is a certified wedding and event planner that has spent 20 plus years in the hospitality and service industry.  She has worked, designed, and or managed every job associated with the wedding and service industry.  Kayla has an exceptional understanding of what a client needs with impeccable attention to detail resulting in superior service and high levels of client satisfaction.  With a keen eye to detail and creativity, she implements passion and professionalism to everything she does.  Kayla is often asked, “Is there anything that you can’t do”?  Yes, she says “I can’t grow anything! My hands are highly gifted but I have black thumbs!”  That’s why she and Sean make a great team.  Sean makes up for her misfortunes and her his.  Sean grew up on a ranch and loves the outdoors and Yes he can grow things.  Sean is a Texas A&M graduate with a Parks and Recreation Degree that emphasized in Resort Management.  For the past 20 plus years, Sean has helped run his family business back in Texas and still helps with Business Development today.  He has a deep understanding of peoples needs and circumstances that make him a great person to communicate with.  Along with his business expertise, he is a fashion guru.  If you’ve been impressed with some women’s closets you should see his.  His shoe collection alone is enough to make any girl jealous.  Don’t let his high fashion fool you though.  He likes to get outdoors and have lots of fun.  He is an extreme sports enthusiast. Well except for golf that is.  Besides that, he enjoys it all and will always push it to the max.  That is why Kayla and Sean knew Bishop Farm was perfect for them.  They are able to use all of their gifts, talents, and expertise to make your day the Most Special Day of all!