The history of the Bishop family was among the earliest settlers of Lisbon, in the White Mountains Region of NH. 1770 the Bishops started farming the lands.

The Bishop’s operated the farm until the mid 1950’s. The farm was sold to the Simson family who operated the farm until they sold it in the 60’s. At that point the dairy farming stopped and the grounds were over run with vegetation. Along with nature’s destructive forces came pilfering of the house and barn for monetary gain. When the Salter’s bought the property in 2003, the barn floor was gone, the stair case and balusters were gone, supporting walls were removed, all of the chimneys in the cottages were destroyed and the house was about to cave in. After a three year restoration project we are proud to say the buildings stand tall and proud just like the old days! We are fortunate to have the Bishop family visit and reminisce about growing up on the farm. Now we can enjoy the spirit of how the farm once was.