September 22, 2013 Weddings No Comments

On the weekend of Saturday, September 14 we were blessed with an incredible group that came to celebrate the wedding of Sheena and Adam. For this wedding, only friends and siblings stayed at Bishop Farm which inspired a festive energy around  property. All guests clearly had a lot of celebrating to do and  a lot of love for the bride and groom. The bridal party stands out in my mind as being one of the largest, and liveliest I’ve ever seen. S+A had 17 bridesmaids and groomsmen who stood arm in arm in couples on either side of the bride and groom during the ceremony mixed men and women. I was touched by their apparent bond and found out during the reception that this group of friends, especially the groom’s side, have been friends since childhood, spend tons of time together, and take epic vacations . Such a great group of friends and family.

On the morning of the wedding, the best man, Adam’s brother Corey conducted a not-so-subtle wake up call to all cottages and rooms in the farm-house  using his handy mega phone then promptly started making bloody mary’s in his pajamas. Getting the party started and making the most of the incredible day- every best man’s duty. Everyone loved Corey, weather or not they realized it at 7:45am after a late night around the bon fire. The day was festive and happy from that point on. The women all got their hair and make-up done at Fresh Salon in Littleton while the guys, for the second day in a row,  drank beer and held fooseball tournaments in their make-shift “he-man women hater’s club” in the basement of the barn.

The milkhouse ceremony was soon upon us and was a memorable display of adoration and commitment. Their officiant, Monya Tober has a strong spiritual presence and was able to delicately master the serious and celebratory nature that is committing to a lifelong partner. Cocktail hour on the deck followed the ceremony with signature cocktails, beer, and wine.  Everyone enjoyed watching the wedding party the entire group do a shot (in digital photo and  liquid form) in front of the old cattle barn with their photographer, the incredibly talented, Peter Bissell, who is a friend of the couple. Everything all weekend felt light, celebratory, and easy and that energy passed from the wedding party to their guests to us at the farm, it was truly lovely.

When the barn doors opened for the reception, the entire bridal party performed a choreographed dance for those in attendance. All the girls, including Sheena, were wearing cowboy boots, and in my experience, something about cowboy boots just makes you feel like a better dancer, these ladies were obviously of the same opinion as many did not get off the dance floor for the rest of the evening. Adam provided another highlight of the evening when he surprised is bride with a song he sang karaoke-style and left not a dry eye in the building. This couple was epic, their love for one another so apparent and the joy they spread was undeniable. Congrats you two, may you continue to raise the standards those around you.