Bishop Farm


January 13, 2015 Bishop Farm No Comments

It’s definitely a white winter at Bishop Farm! Although the leaves have fallen, the trees are bare and things are quiet, we are busily planning the next dream wedding. Want it to be yours? Call us anytime to schedule a meeting to discuss your special day. Whether its in a year or even two, there … read more>


The band Bean Town rocks it out at Bishop Farm!

Alyssa Rocking with Bean Town!
October 31, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

Here is a great blog written by Wilson Stevens Productions out of Boston! What an amazing company to work with! This year we were fortunate to work with the bands Radiance and Bean Town, they were nonstop energy, professional and a huge crowd pleaser! Enjoy the blog and these fantastic photos shot by Stephanie Wales … read more>


Cats in the Bag

October 25, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

Rachael and Ian’s wedding at Bishop Farm, Now here’s a story that comes along once in a blue moon.  Imagine, you are 16, you fall in love and feel like it will last forever…..yeah right.  How often does that pan out?  Well, we here at the Bishop Farm love launch pad were honored to assist … read more>


Dave and Michelle’s Unplugged Wedding

July 14, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

Michelle and Dave opted to have an “unplugged ceremony.” Being a relatively new and modern term, it means checking your camera and phone at the door with the goal of obtaining complete mind body presence. At first glance, that may sound like complete lunacy. Constant filming and documentation of every aspect of our lives has … read more>


An Eco-Friendly Fairy Tale

July 14, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

Set at the very picturesque Bishop Farm, Eliza and Brent’s wedding was picked out of an eco-friendly fairy tale. Wanting to leave a small footprint but also not wanting to degrade the experience with a wedding dress made of recycled protest signs, Brent and Eliza sought an ecological yet practical venue. Luckily, they happened to … read more>


Linsey and Brain

December 31, 2013 Bishop Farm No Comments

A wedding to cherish- Lindsay and Brian’s wedding It is believed that matches are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. People get married only once, in most cases, and everyone wants their wedding to be long cherished affair, where everybody enjoyed being there and always wished for something similar to that wedding. Preparations start … read more>