Selling Your Fiance on Your Dream Venue

September 14, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

                      As many of you know, planning a wedding is not always a seamless and clean process. Despite the countless spreadsheets, Pinterest boards, and planning binders, decisions still manage to get muddled. Particularly, when it comes to agreeing on said decisions with your partner. The … read more>

Then and Now

Radiance Contract1
September 11, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

Bishop Farm had the pleasure of hosting Barbara Millar’s stay this past weekend. Originally from Plymouth NH, Barbara boarded at Bishop Farm for two years during the 1940’s while she taught at a one-room school house down the road known as Salmon Hole. After sitting in on an interview with her and historic journalist Andrea … read more>

Dave and Michelle’s Unplugged Wedding

Dalke Studios Photography
July 14, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

Michelle and Dave opted to have an “unplugged ceremony.” Being a relatively new and modern term, it means checking your camera and phone at the door with the goal of obtaining complete mind body presence. At first glance, that may sound like complete lunacy. Constant filming and documentation of every aspect of our lives has … read more>

An Eco-Friendly Fairy Tale

July 14, 2014 Bishop Farm No Comments

Set at the very picturesque Bishop Farm, Eliza and Brent’s wedding was picked out of an eco-friendly fairy tale. Wanting to leave a small footprint but also not wanting to degrade the experience with a wedding dress made of recycled protest signs, Brent and Eliza sought an ecological yet practical venue. Luckily, they happened to … read more>

Bishop Farm Historical Photographs

December 20, 2013 History No Comments


Photography of Progress, Process, Studio Practice Documentation
October 21, 2013 Things to do in the area No Comments

Well, it’s finally upon us- the final days of the wedding season. I am about to head back to Chicago and thought I would write a post about the epic White Mountains and a few of the hikes that I have done this summer and fall. In the past, I had always gone west when … read more>


October 7, 2013 Weddings No Comments

Sometimes you only need an instant to watch two people interact to understand that their connection is incredible. Nicki and Andrew had that- and we could see it from the moment they arrived. The two of them could not stop looking at each other, laughing, touching, agreeing on everything, and trusting one another completely. It … read more>


September 22, 2013 Weddings No Comments

On the weekend of Saturday, September 14 we were blessed with an incredible group that came to celebrate the wedding of Sheena and Adam. For this wedding, only friends and siblings stayed at Bishop Farm which inspired a festive energy around  property. All guests clearly had a lot of celebrating to do and  a lot … read more>

Eden + Duncan’s trans-Atlantic Union

September 7, 2013 BF WEDDINGS 1 Comment

New England and Old England came together last weekend, August 31 for the wedding of Eden and Duncan.  The couple met a few years ago at the wedding of their mutual friends, Duncan had been a groomsman  in that wedding and he and Eden flirted, danced, drank gin and tonics and the rest was history. … read more>

Keeping it classic and fresh with Victoria and Bobby

August 27, 2013 BF WEDDINGS 2 Comments

On August 24, Victoria and Bobby wed under a birch arbor on a sunny day in the field. Their ceremony was sweet, celebratory, and light-hearted. Victoria was positively radiant really, one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. I will never forget her dress, it was magnificent.  Actually, everything about their wedding was … read more>