A wedding to cherish- Lindsay and Brian’s wedding

It is believed that matches are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. People get married only once, in most cases, and everyone wants their wedding to be long cherished affair, where everybody enjoyed being there and always wished for something similar to that wedding. Preparations start months in advance as people start looking out for beautiful and scenic destinations where you can plan for their dream wedding and make your special day a memorable one!

Linsey and brain


One such wedding to be remembered forever would be Lindsey and Brian’s wedding. Right from the one time they came to Bishop Farm to see the place where they could start a fresh chapter of their lives we felt something was unique about this couple. The way they looked at each, their eyes spoke to each other, and their fluent non verbal communication. We knew from the time we saw them that theirs was a magical relationship. They made such an adorable couple.

Both Lindsey and Brian knew that planning for a wedding ceremony in the city certainly did not give them much privacy and with so many things and events happening day in and out they could not get all the peace and tranquil in a city wedding. The wedding ceremony was attended by their near and dear ones. These days many people are choosing places in the countryside of New England. There couldn’t be anything better than having a wedding ceremony in the White Mountains, located in Lisbon, New Hampshire, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lindsay made a stunning bride, and Brian looked very handsome as a groom. There was such an excitement in the room when the family saw so many photographers waiting to capture their special moments.

Linsey and Brian 2 We at Bishop Farm specialize in providing tailor made packages and leave no stones unturned in making your special day a truly loving and memorable one for you and your family. We hold weddings for up to 200 people, and our team ensures that all your guests get personalized attention and are made to feel special at all times. We understand that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and therefore don’t like to rush into things at one go.


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